Courses in Law

I teach Introduction to Israeli Law, a mandatory first-year course, which provides all students with a critical introduction to the Israeli legal system.

I also offer an advanced course on Law and Data, which explores the many interfaces between law, technology and data, including online speech regulation, privacy, algorithmic decision making, legal-tech and more.

Ocassionaly, I teach classes and seminars on law, literature, transitional justice and human rights.

Courses offered in 2021-2022:

62962/62932 Intro to Israeli Law

62681 Law and Data

Courses in DH

I direct the teaching program in Digital Humanties which offers students the opportunity to immerse in this exciting and fast-growing field. As part of the program, I teach the introductory course to DH, which brings together theoretical foundations and hands-on experience and an advanced research lab in DH, which provides students with a chance to design and execute their own DH project. 

DH program (in Hebrew)

Courses offered in 2021-2022:

33001 Intro to DH

33002 Research Lab in DH

Annual School in DH

The Winter School in Digital Humanities at Hebrew University was established with the mission of bridging the gap between the state of DH in Israeli academia and the international community. The purpose of the Winter School is to expose Israeli students from universities across Israel, to the theoretical insights and computational methods in the field of DH, enabling them to pursue DH research independently and to take part in the developing academic world. Additionally, we aspire to building a local DH community from its roots, with the Hebrew University at its center. 

Winter School (in Hebrew)